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Movies Watched in 2018 Part 3

This is a continuation of notes on films I’ve seen this year, following Parts 1 and Part 2. I set myself a challenge of watching ten films per decade (counting the silent era up until 1929 as one decade) while allowing for … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 5

This is the conclusion of my effort to watch at least 100 films, 10 from each decade. There have been four previous entries: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. I kept track of certain details of films I watched … Continue reading

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100+ Notable Foreign Language/ Silent Films on Kanopy

Kanopy’s streaming service has so many nice films available that a Top 100 isn’t enough. I did a Top 100 English language films a few days ago, but if anything, their selection of silent movies and foreign language films is … Continue reading

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The Best DVDs and Blu-Rays of the 21st Century

I was interested in gathering a list of the best DVDs and Blu-Rays for myself, to get leads on good films and the best ways to experience them. It also helps me keep track of this stuff if there’s a … Continue reading

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